My name is Christie Provost and I am a Texas REALTOR® with Fathom Realty! I have been repairing credit for over 15 years. Throughout the last 8 years I have been repairing clients credit so that they would qualify for half price homes through the Good Neighbor Next Door Program. This was very rewarding to me. I was always able to repair clients who were just under the 620 Middle Score threshold to be able to finance a mortgage. 99% of these clients had their credit repaired within two week to 45 days and were able to close on their home loans with scores well over the 620 requirement. Average scores were 530 to 560 credit score to start with. 

The way I have always repaired credit is very different from other repair companies. I have a wealth of knowledge learned over the last 15 years and I am up to date with all of the new things changing with credit and scores. My way of doing credit repair has always included finding laws that the debt collectors break and also turning them in and filing complaints with the FTC, BBC, (In Texas) The Texas Attorney General. I have extensive knowledge in law on debt collection and reporting. I have never seen a debt collector report a debt fairly or without breaking some type of law in over 15 years of doing credit repair. 

There are several phases of credit repair to get to the desired score that you will require and each client is different. Some take up to two weeks to fix completely and others take up to six months or more. Everyone's results are different and it depends on the circumstances of each individual.

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